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Try our Original Art (De-)tour here!

Art corridor in Uptown Westerville!

Email us more public art in Westerville - We are looking for permanent sculptures/artworks and artworks created by our own!

Sparky, the Fire Dog. Created by Artist, Como Mowers, Sparky was created from a rare Ponderosa tree that needed to be removed from in front of Fire Station 111. Sparky has educated children on fire and emergency safety and prevention on behalf of the national Fire Protection Agency for years.

Sparky was outside the (400) Main St. Fire Station - photo by Cameron Williams - it has been removed:(

Westerville Fire Fighter’s Memorial. A steel beam from 911, and a special sculpture, 'The Crossing', designed by Cincinnati artists Steve R. Geddes and Bob L. Moore will be erected on this site.

This memorial serves as a tribute to fallen fire fighter David Theisen, and provides all fire fighters, as well as the public, with an inspirational and healing setting in which to celebrate the achievements and contemplate the losses experienced by this dedicated group. For more information, go to www.wffmemorial.org (outside the (400) Main St. Fire Station -photo by Cameron Williams)

At the north end of the Senior Citizen's building is a bronze sculpture of a grandfather and little girl sitting out on a bench. We hope it brings many fond memories to you as your enjoy the scenery.

310 West Main Street, 614) 901-6560

The Art Department coordinates an annual program of public exhibitions in both the Miller Gallery (Art and Communication building, 33 Collegeview Road) and Fisher Gallery (Roush Hall).These exhibitions explore a broad range of approaches to art, introducing the College community to the diversity of the art world. Many exhibiting artists offer lectures or workshops in conjunction with their exhibitions. Graduating art majors also exhibit their work in Miller Gallery during spring quarter.

For more information go to www.otterbein.edu/art/collections-exhibits.asp

Between the two medical buildings at St Ann's Hospital, (477 Cooper Road) you will see a glass walkway connecting the two building. Above that walkway, you can see the top portion of the Reflection Garden Mural. The mural was created by staff from the hospital and members of the community under the guidance of artists from Gallery 202, Partners in Art, Inc. mural project

Go through the door on the walkway and you can go into the garden. The garden was designed to help patients, staff and families to find a calming and serene area while in the hospital. As you look west at the mural, turn around and you will see that the mural is reflected in the east windows – hence the name “Reflection Garden.

There are 5 murals created by Gallery 202 through Westerville. You will see two more before the end of the tour. But for more information go to www.gallery202online.com.

Mt Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital has artwork through out their building. At the entrance of the Women’s Pavillion from the main hospital is another collage mural created by Gallery 202 artists. Nine panels, created by nine women for women depict a positive aura for the hospital. Go to the gallery 202 website for more information.

500 South Cleveland Avenue, 614) 898-4000

Sorry, this artwork has been removed.

Heritage Park and the Old Everal Barn. Every second weekend in July is the Westerville Music and Arts Festival. This Festival brings visual artists, musicians, patrons and great food to our community. 60 N. Cleveland Ave, (614) 901-6515

A bit of background - Westerville is a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, located to the northeastern corner of Franklin County. In 1806, the first settlers to the area came from Connecticut in 1806. Soon many other people arrived. Among these settlers were the Westervelt brothers, who traveled from New York in 1818. By 1838, the population of Blendon Township had grown to approximately nine hundred people. The Westervelts donated land to build a new school, which was named the Blendon Young Men's Seminary. By 1840, the community had grown to the point that it had its own post office, which was named Westerville in the Westervelts's honor.

For more go to Ohio History Central

Westerville Community Center - 350 N. Cleveland Ave

If you are visiting during Memorial Weekend, Westerville Sunrise Rotary has a special field of Heroes Flag display. The event lasts only three days but is an incredible and beautiful sight to see day and night. For more information go to www.fieldofheroes.org.

515 Executive Campus Drive. The wind kinetic structure created by Robert Mullins follows the arc of the Big Dippers, handle. Stop and enjoy the gentle swaying movement of this structure.

Weststar Drive and go left into the parking lot – the back side of 505 Cleveland Avenue, inner courtyard. Next to the doors of the Mac Tool Building, is a unique sign just for Mac Tools. A large wrench is ‘stuck’ halfway in the ground – with the Mac Tool Emblem in its grip. It was contructed by Columbus Sign Company of polished stainless steel.

Westerville Community Center, 350 North Cleveland Avenue.

This bronze sculpture created by artist Gary price and he says "What can be more fun than taking a bicycle ride together? I've tried to capture the exuberance of youth and the excitement that comes with getting out and feeling the wind rush by our faces and through our hair."

Photo by Cameron Williams

Astronaut Grove, 290 West Main St.

Artist Kenneth S. Foltz, D.O. created this impressive monument out of Indiana Limestone.

It is dedicated to those who perished aboard the space shuttle Challenge in 1986 and to all astronauats who “reach for the stars”. The 12' column of thirty-three hands supporting the moon were modeled from the hands of a two month old baby to an 88-year old senior citizen and represent the past, present, and future of space exploration.


photo by Cameron Williams

West Main Street Bridge

Main St. Bridge Mural (Alum Creek)- photo by Cameron Williams

During the summer of 2010 and for many months later, the old Main St. bridge was renovated and includes a beautiful mural on the east side of the bridge depicting the history of the bridge. Located on Main St. between Otterbein and the Fire Station (400 W. Main Street).

Main St. Bridge, (Alum Creek)- photo by Cameron Williams

Across the street from Astronaut Grove is one of the over 580 acres of park land in 46 locations that is part of Westerville Park and Recreation Dept. Our award winning Park and Recreation Department maintains neighborhood, community and school parks; nature preserves; sports complexes; greenways; and all city grounds. Facilities also include managed wetlands, mini parks, baseball/softball diamonds, soccer fields, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, an amphitheater, fitness station, playgrounds, shelters, restrooms and over 26 miles of bikeways and leisure paths.

Enjoy a fun relaxing visit at our parks any time. Go to www.westerville.org

Amphitheater - Alum Creek. Begun in 2000, this amphitheater provides our community with free Sounds of Summer outdoor events, music, kids events, cover bands, local community band, symphony. Go to Westerville.org calendar to see a schedule of upcoming events/month. If you can stay, bring your lawn chair or blanket and enjoy a summer evening under the stars.

Amphitheater at Alum Creek Park, 221 W. Main St.

Roush Hall and across the street is Cowan Hall. Both of these Otterbein Campus Buildings play hosts to great art. Roush Hall housed collections for the Fisher Gallery. And Cowan Hall hosts the theatre department upcoming events.

Roush Hall - 27 S. Grove Street, Otterbein University

John E. Fisher Gallery is just one of the galleries located on the Otterbein University Campus.

Roush Hall - 27 S. Grove Street, Otterbein University- photo by Cameron Williams

Otterbein Cemetery. As you enter the quiet grounds of the Cemetery, you will see a Mausoleum in front of you. This Mausoleum is only open one day a year. But you can go around it and enjoy the beautiful stained glass windows.

Mausoleum at Otterbein Cemetary (Knox & Walnut)- photo by Cameron Williams

Inniswood's- A Tribute to Two Sisters: Inniswood Metro Gardens 940 S. Hempstead Road

Inniswood Metro Gardens was once the 37-acre estate of sisters Grace and Mary Innis, who enjoyed gardening and wildlife observation respectively. The Innis sisters’ desire to preserve and enhance their gardens and woodlands for the enjoyment of all people resulted in the generous donation of their home and property to Franklin County Metro Parks in 1972.

To honor the memory of Grace and Mary Innis, Metro Parks opened the 2.8-acre Sisters’ Garden in 2002. Designed to celebrate the complexity of nature and the inquisitiveness of childhood, The Sisters’ Garden aspires “to nurture the nature of the child in everyone”.

Award winning Westerville Public Library. Visual art, music and lots of books about art can be found within its' walls. And if you are interested in History, check out their local history photo collection. They are all on line now on the local history page on the library website. Also check out their main website: Westerville Public Library - 126 South State Street - (614) 882-7277

The Westerville Art League has open public meetings from May-September

Hanby Arts Magnet School, 56 South State Street. In the front doors is a special stain glass window. A school contest helped to create this unique piece. The stained glass window was made possible by a grant from the Bette Marschall Memorial Education Fund of the Columbus Foundation. The stained glass window, using 5 color ranges with Hanby in black in the middle, is designed to be read in the same fashion from both the inside and outside.

Westerville Grill mural created by Gallery 202 and the public. This mural on the north side of the Westerville Grill, depicts some of the historical buildings that were once a part of Westerville.

59 South State Street, (614) 794-7200

Two more murals can be found. Amish Originals Mural by Gallery 202 and over 100 local artists of all ages and abilities came out to help with it’s creation.

Located off East Main Street /State St. in Uptown

Just across the street is the second mural on the Westerville Auto building. More information on these murals can be found at www.gallery202online.com

Located off East Main Street /State St. in Uptown

A mural created by www.gallery202online.com, helps food donations for Westerville Area Resource Ministry. Located at the back of their building at 175A East Broadway, the mural directs food doners to the drop site. This drop site was donated by Rotary.


In Uptown, please join us for the Wednesday Farmers Market - May through October, every Wednesday from 3-6 pm. This market is a Farmers Market.

The Saturday Uptown Market - June- Aug, every Saturday from 10am-1pm and has farmers, artists, crafters, home parties, fun(d)raising specials and services.

For more information about both markets click here! Located at the corner of State and Home in Uptown





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