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This is another community art project from Gallery 202,   Donations

For a list of the businesses in Uptown go to The Uptown Business Page.


WVCB's Are You a Brick! - Contact the WVCB for more information and ask about the "brick"!

Over the past year, have you "shopped" Westerville? If you can answer yes for 10 or more of the following, you are a brick in our community's economic foundation.

__ Bought a Gift
__ Done your taxes
__ Purchased a new or used car
__ Got your last pizza
__ Done your personal or business banking
__ Lodged out of town guests or relatives
__ Have your insurance agent
__ Purchased groceries
__ Gotten your last birthday cake
__ Booked your last party
__ Visited an art gallery
__ Purchased your office supplies
__ Had your last home repair
__ Shipped your last package
__ Had your car worked on/serviced
__ Gotten investment advice
__ Purchased party supplies
__ Eaten at a sit-down restaurant
__ Ordered catering
__ Enjoyed music/entertainment
__ Attended a community parade.


We asked for some comments re: our e-newsletter - here are a few. Thanks for letting us know, we do appreciate it and you have all rejuvenated us!

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Thanks for keeping me on your email list, I do enjoy receiving your newsletters!-Sheree Green Yes, I do LOVE your newsletter! And I love uptown Westerville and donít get there as often as I like and your emails help remind me how much fun Iím missing! I really hope to get a visit in before the holidays are over. Linda A. Daley MS Organizational Development Consultant, Cultural Arts Center (CAC)

I do look forward to your newsletter every time. Carol Hribar Westerville Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association Mainsail Industrial Engineering LLC

G'Mornin', Renee and the 202 army of volunteers, Thanks to you for the monthly e-mailed newsletter.Thanks for an untold wealth of information each contains. Thanks also for all the blue-lighted contacts and links and web-markers. A resounding 'Thank You' to each and every one of you for your time, your humor, your patience as well as your creative talents, your willingness to offer your expertise in computer-ism, organization, scheduling, community work and for your professionalism. Thanks for keeping me on the e-mail newsletter contact list. Thanks for the additional information tucked into it's corners. Thank you for the gallery, long may it glow. Thank you for decorated chairs, murals, (wicked) wild women, conversations, happily creative children, a cup of coffee, awesome art of every discipline, laughter, art supplies, the where-with-all to create what clamors in one's brain, new possibilities, new wonders, new ideas, new 'what if's'. Thank you for listening, for sharing, for opening doors, for allowing the wind to play with open windows, for occasionally breaking down a wall or two. Thank you for bubbles. Hugs, Bobbie Brooks

Do you know what sign belongs to what business? - enjoy!

If not all signs come up, refresh your page after it loads and try again - but click on the pictures and see the store fronts!

dave's open open sign


Wonderful Ways to Wander in Westerville and Pamper Yourself Uptown -

Taking part in creating a community mural (Gallery 202) - Enjoying the flowers in front of Talbott's Flower - Sitting in the park areas in Uptown - corner of Home & State, College & Vine - Walking around, noticing the architecture and wondering what life was like years ago - Getting a massage - Taking a brisk walk through the neighborhood streets that surround Uptown - Ability to bank, go to the pharmacy, check on insurance all in a few blocks of each other - Listening to historical tours by the award winning local library/historical society personnel - Catching wafts of sweet smells from the doorway of Encircle - White Italian Pizza from Pasquales! - Eating Black raspberry chip ice cream cone on a warm evening (Graeters) - Enjoying a pedicure with Senorita Rosalita nail polish - Sipping flavored coffee and nibbling a scone - Finding a great book and then reading it at the library - Browsing for antiques or the perfect gift - Smelling baking donuts at 2 am (Schneiders) - Fourth Fridays (WVCB) - Listening to the Sorority girls sing late at night - Parades - July 4th, Otterbein Homecoming, Memorial Day, Christmas - Walking my dog uptown for a cookie from Schnieders - Stopping in DejaVu for an impulse sweater purchase! - Stopping at the light and getting Heavenly smells from Heavenly Cup - Treating myself with a pretty pot of flowers - Grabbing a quick slushie at DQ before dinner! - Have an afternoon drink with friends at the bag - Learning about "Mary" at Corbin's Saloon - Watching bubbles drift down from The Uptown Gallery 202- Listening to kids laugh as they leave classes!

And now it's your turn to add your favorite to this list - email

Find an Art Treasure in Westerville!

Uptown Word Find

Uptown Westerville Main Page

SNP Readers 2011 choice includes many Uptown Westerville Businesses:

Furniture Store - Amish Originals
Antique Stores - Westerville Antiques
Plumbing Company - Jack L. Woods
Hardware Store - Roush Hardware
Local Boutique - encircle
Resale Shop - Deja Vu
Art - Gallery - Gallery 202
College Sports Teams - Otterbein College
Sporting Goods - Roush Sporting Goods
Candy Store/Ice Cream- Chocolatier Stam
Wine Store - Meza
Bakery - Schneiders
Ice Gream - Greaters
Family Dining - Old Bag of nails
Public School - Westerville


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