Saturday Uptown Market - June - Sept, 2010


A visit from 'Santa' at our Uptown Market! He is a member of Buckeye Santas and The Red Suit Society - call 614-488-9287 if you would more information about him.

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Farmers Market Rules and Application

After several weeks, the following 20 suggestions have been made by your fellow vendors to bring more success for your business. Let us know your thoughts.....

1. Begin/continue a mailing/email list each week. Promote yourself and the market on your website.

2. Have an uncluttered organized look to your booth so your customer can browse with comfort.

3. Bring an extra chair and invite your friends/customers to sit while they talk to you.

4. Balance yourself between being friendly and pushy - if you have samples, offer them.

5. Get to know all the vendors - trading of products is possible and helps promote a sense of community.

6. Does another vendor have a product you donít? - then tell your customer and encourage them to visit all the booths.

7. Remember it takes a while for a show/market to grow. Tell everyone you know - use word of mouth, snail mail, website, twitter, facebook every week!

8. Bring lots of water! (and layer so you can strip down if necessary).

9. Bring brochures and business cards to hand out.

10. Enjoy what you are doing - smile and look happy.

11. Stand (if you are able) when a customer comes, greet people as they come into your booth. (Or get a taller chair.)

12. Step out from behind your table from time to time to greet your customer or to encourage them to come into the booth (in a friendly way).

13. It takes about 20 times for someone to remember who you are so the market is only one way to invest yourself. And this is a good investment.

14. Have affordable prices. If you have high end items, offer layaways, and mc/visa.

15. Do special orders to bring your customer back.

16. Think positively - donít be afraid to ask for help from setting up tents to taking a break.

17. Take phone calls outside your tent if possible (not in others tent, please).

18. Try to get here early. Stay for the full time, many people come the last 1/2 hour.

19. If it is not proprietary information, tell your customer how something is made/grown. Educate your customer and the community.

20. Wear a tiara when ever possible.


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