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Running with the Big Dogs

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Running with the Big Dogs
Captivating Canines fetches new location

By: Chad Garvin

It began simply enough.

Gordon Solomons and his wife, Rodie, launched their business selling dog-themed merchandise at dog shows. After they realized there was a strong market for their products, the couple decided to open a permanent retail outlet in Westerville.

A decade later, Captivating Canines had outgrown its location at 46 N. State St. “The Home of Distinctive Gifts for Dog Lovers” moved across the street to 31 N. State St., in Uptown Westerville.

Solomons says the biggest obstacle the couple faced was trying to grow in the former location. “Trying to expand in the space we were in became rather difficult in the latter years due to size constraints,” he says. “When the opportunity came up to get this location, we jumped at it. We feel we can grow even further in this new space.”

Customers enjoy the store’s uniqueness, Solomons says. “We offer the largest selection of breed-specific gift items in the Midwest,” he says.

Over the years, Captivating Canines has accumulated several regular customers, including dogs, which are always welcome in the store. “They seem to enjoy coming into the store, and we hope they continue to enjoy coming in to our new location,” Solomons says.

Although he says they’ve “had great success with just about every product we’ve ever brought into the store,” Solomons admits his best-selling item has been “Canine Heroes” T-shirts and sweatshirts, which were dedicated to the search and rescue dogs that served at Ground Zero after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. “For a number of years, I could not keep them in the store,” he says.

The Solomons simply hope to maintain their success in their new location. In doing so, says Solomons, they’ll “continue to give customers a new variety of products on a periodic basis.”

For more information about Captivating Canines, call 614-882-8863 or e-mail captivatingcanines@sbcglobal.net.

Chad Garvin is a contributing writer for Westerville Magazine.





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