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Wednesday farmers market starting third year Uptown
* 16 vendors have committed to attend the event at Home and State streets each Wednesday through October.
Published: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 12:00 PM EDT

Come rain or shine, the Westerville Farmers Market will begin its third season Wednesday, May 7.

Market manager Doug Winbigler said he expects another successful year as the market now includes 16 vendors committed to attending the event each Wednesday through October.

"For me, a huge benefit of attending the market is being able to educate residents about the benefit of buying locally," said Richard Jensen, owner of Flying J Farms. "Local food is healthier and it tastes better."

Jensen said the community has shown tremendous support for his products, which include organic grass-fed beef and freshly milled whole wheat.

While much of the productsare produce or fruit, like the wide selection of organic options from Northridge Organic Farm or the peaches and apples from Malabar Acres, there are plenty of other options.

Shoppers with a sweet tooth can satisfy their cravings with products from Cathy's Tasty Treats, Sue's Kitchen and Varley Valley Baked Goods.

A cup of free-trade coffee from the Taste of Seattle Coffee Co. will wash down those indulgences.

Four-legged friends will also have snack choices offered by Droolin' Good Dog Treats, Landrum Cottage Designs Inc. and Cathy's Tasty Treats.

Unique options are also well represented. Arjay Gourmet Foods offers Indian chutney, snacks and seasonings. Mockingbird Meadows offers all things bee-related with their selection of honey, pollen, beeswax candles and hygiene products. Maple lovers will be treated to Pleiades Maple Products that include syrup, sugar, coated nuts and candy.

For those looking to decorate their house, a selection of hanging floral baskets are sold by Bildsten Landscape Service, Birds Haven Farms and Carousel Watergardens & Nursery.

One factor that seems to make the market popular is that it's held during the middle of the week. Often produce goes bad from one weekend to the next and vendors cannot attend all the weekend markets they would like.

"There's so many Saturday markets, we just can't support them all," Jensen said.

The Westerville Farmer's Market will be held from 3 to 6 p.m every Wednesday in the parking lot of the Church of the Messiah, 51 N. State St., at the northeast corner of Home and State streets. The season will run until Oct. 29.

For those interested in renting a space to sell wares, the seasonal fee is $125 per spot. Monthly fees are $60 and $75 for the five-Wednesday months of July and October. Space permitting, weekly vendors will be charged $20 per day. Some vendors may not be accepted to avoid excess of a particular product.

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