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Amy Robinson & Lisa Herrmann

35 and 39, co-owners It's All In the Name 20 S. State St. (Suite K), Westerville

Columbus Dispatch, The (OH)>
By    Kristy Eckert

Published: April 24, 2008
Edition: Home Final
Section: Features - Life & Arts
Page: 03D

Tell us what shoppers can find here. Amy: We try to carry unique gifts that we can either add a name to through embroidery, printing, painting.

Lisa: I just look at it as a personalized gift to baby, kids, home, wedding, adults. . . . We're very much into customizing.

Give a few examples of specific items.

Amy: The teddy bears -- the embroidered bears; the wineglasses; personalized notecards.

Lisa: Another thing that was a big hit at Christmas was the large totes. . . . I could not believe the demand for personalized tote bags.

You also offer custom stationery, including wedding invitations.

Lisa: We've got the personalized stationery we can send out.

Amy: Invitations for all occasions.

And you have several items for cooks.

Amy: We do the Bella Cucina pestos. The aprons. The kitchen towels are a big hit. Recipe cards.

Plus, people don't have to wait ages -- you personalize many items while folks shop.

Amy: Yes! That is our goal.

And that's the nice thing about not being a huge chain. We've got time where we can be with our customers and do things while they wait or run another errand or take a coffee break.

Did you already know how to personalize things yourselves?

Amy: I had the knowledge of the paper and print aspect of it, but we had to learn embroidery. So I set it (the machine) up on my dining-room table, and just sewed and sewed and sewed.

The two of you are sisters. Amy wanted to start this business. So how did you, Lisa, get roped in, considering you have a banking job and five children?

Lisa: I got into this because it's very different than what I've done before.

Amy: And I made her!

Talk about how you've tied in the business with the rest of the family.

Amy: Paula (another sister) does the greeting cards and some journals and photo books.

And then our mom, Marge Russ, she'll step in sometimes with the shop and sometimes with the kids.

Lisa: Our father -- we had him build the counter and help with some remodeling, so he had to pay his dues to the family business as well.

And what's the best part?

Amy: You usually get a story -- they're buying it for somebody. People share moments of their life.






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