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Meza's offers 'easy food' in Uptown

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ThisWeek Staff Writer

Tatjana and Jason Brown are the owners of Meza, a specialty and gourmet foods store opening in uptown Westerville at 48 N. State St.

A family's cultural heritage was the basis for a new business in Uptown Westerville.

Opening this week on State Street is Meza's Specialty and Gourmet Food Shop, where patrons can purchase a wide selection of light fare to serve in their own homes. Business owners Tatjana and Jason Brown describe the shop as providing something easy and quick for our hectic modern schedules.

"The idea is that people will be able to come in and pick up some easy food, grab some bread and cheese, and take it home to make for friends or even just for their lunch break," Tatjana Brown said.

She said she and her husband based the idea for a small family grocery on their cultural heritage.

"The name for the shop actually comes from our family background," she said. "My family is Serbian and the term 'meza' comes from a word used in many Eastern European countries in reference to small plates of food that are served either alone or to begin a meal.

"This is similar to the concept of tapas in the Spanish culture."

Meza's will offer a wide variety of small, refrigerated items, such as cheeses and olives, specialty coffees, dipping oils for bread, baked goods, cookies and kitchenware items. A small collection of local artwork will also be on display in the shop. The pieces can be purchased from the respective artists.

The Browns also plan to introduce a second phase to their shop in November: Vino Meza, where they hope to add a selection of affordable wines for sale and offer wine tastings.

Jason Brown said that while he and his wife have lived in Westerville only about a year, the atmosphere of Uptown seemed like the perfect place to open their small business.

"We've always kind of wanted to do our own thing, and we love it here," he said. "The idea of walking down the streets next door and doing a little shopping really encourages us."

Meza's Specialty and Gourmet Food Shop, 48 N. State St., is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Tentative Sunday hours will be from noon to 4. More information is available by calling (614) 259-3101.





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