Saturday Uptown Market - June - August

special Mother's Day Weeknd - May 12th


A visit from 'Santa' at our Uptown Market! He is a member of Buckeye Santas and The Red Suit Society - call 614-488-9287 if you would more information about him.

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Farmer Market Rules

and Application


  1. Life is short. Whiners will be dealt with swiftly and severely.
  1. Farmers are to sell what they produce.  All produce must be grown in Ohio.  We allow homemade baked goods, cheeses, jams, etc. provided the processed foods have met all State and Local regulations.
  1. Out of respect for our Uptown dining establishments the Market is not to be a concession area.  Foods are to be packaged for off premises consumption.  Free samples are permitted.
  1. One vehicle is allowed for delivery of goods to the market.  Only one vehicle can be parked at the market site.  The Market Manager will decide which vehicles can be parked at the site and which must be parked elsewhere.
  1. Tables and stands used to display and sell the goods are to be provided by the vendor.
  1. The Market Manager will assign vendor location.  These locations are usually the width of a parking spot.  An assigned place is for the season unless specified.
  1. **Vendors should be in place 30 minutes before the market begins at 10 a.m. and plan to stay through conclusion at 1 p.m. I We also reserve the right to place another vendor in your spot should you not be using your spot on a specific date.
  1. Vendors may have signs on their tables or vehicles identifying their farm or business.  These signs must not intrude into the pedestrian walkways.
  1. Vendors are to set their own prices
  1. No smoking on market premises.
  1. No loud radios or shouting of prices.
  1. Vendors are to provide their own tent and rain gear. Tie-downs of some type are required for your tent during windy, inclement weather.
  1. Vendors are to clean their areas:  remove all produce, containers, signs and trash before they leave.
  1. All vendors must have Liability Insurance to cover their risks at the market.  The Saturday Market Program, the Church or any business associated with the market will not be held responsible for any damage to person/product during the Market Season.
  1. All vendors are to notify the Market Manager the night before a market day if they are unable to attend the market.
  1. Vendors are encouraged to assist the Market Manager in promoting the market. Use social media, facebook, press to local papers etc.
  1. Statements beginning with ¤We should¸..Ë or ¤You should¸¸Ë will generally be ignored. Ideas presented in ¤I would like to volunteer for¸¸¸¸Ë form will receive immediate and undivided attention.
  1. Grievances or problems are to be directed to the Market Manager for resolution. Issues not resolved will be decided by ¤cage-matchË or Jell-O wrestling.
  1. It is the vendor╠s responsibility to obtain all licenses and permits and to pay the fees required by the local and state governments. This includes the vendor╠s license for goods sold for which a sales tax must be collected. A copy must be provided to Market Manager.
  1. Scales should be capable of approval by the Columbus Division of Weights and Measures (614-645-7397)
  2. Vendors must comply with all laws, ordinances, and regulation of the United States, State of Ohio, Franklin County, and City of Westerville.
  3. When in doubt see Rule #1

Contact information:  Market Manager, Renee Kropat